DEsignBench: Exploring and Benchmarking
DALL-E 3 for Imagining Visual Design

Microsoft Corporation
*Equal Contribution, Project Lead

An overview of the DEsignBench’s structure. Click for zooming up.


We introduce DEsignBench, a text-to-image (T2I) generation benchmark tailored for visual design scenarios. Recent T2I models like DALL-E 3 and others, have demonstrated remarkable capabilities in generating photorealistic images that align closely with textual inputs. While the allure of creating visually captivating images is undeniable, our emphasis extends beyond mere aesthetic pleasure. We aim to investigate the potential of using these powerful models in authentic design contexts. In pursuit of this goal, we develop DEsignBench, which incorporates test samples designed to assess T2I models on both “design technical capability” and “design application scenario.” Each of these two dimensions is supported by a diverse set of specific design categories. We explore DALL-E 3 together with other leading T2I models on DEsignBench, resulting in a comprehensive visual gallery for side-by-side comparisons. For DEsignBench benchmarking, we perform human evaluations on generated images in DEsignBench gallery, against the criteria of image-text alignment, visual aesthetic, and design creativity. Our evaluation also considers other specialized design capabilities, including text rendering, layout composition, color harmony, 3D design, and medium style. In addition to human evaluations, we introduce the first automatic image generation evaluator powered by GPT-4V. This evaluator provides ratings that align well with human judgments, while being easily replicable and cost-efficient.

DEsignBench Prompts

Please see Google Sheet for DEsignBench prompts, or using this backup downloading link, or


Please follow the azcopy instructions to download all images in DEsignBench Gallery.
AzCopy executable tools can be [downloaded here].
Then run the downloading: path/to/azcopy copy [local_path] --recursive
Add subfolder name firefly2, ideogram, SDXL, Midjourney, or dalle3 after data/designbench to download images from a specific model.
Kindly notify us if you notice any image corrupted during the data transfer.


DEsignBench Gallery Image License

Images in DEsignBench Gallery adhere to the license and copyright terms set by the image generation models that produce them. We kindly request users to follow and respect the licensing terms associated with each image generation tool when downloading and utilizing the gallery data.  Terms of Service for the respective tools: firefly2, ideogram, SDXL, Midjourney, dalle3.
In general, DEsignBench gallery image can be used for qualitative and quantitative comparisons. However, they should not be used for AI/ML model training or other commercial purposes.
If you believe that your intellectual property has been violated, please kindly reach out to us. We will review the concern and may take appropriate actions, including the removal of the related images.


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We express our gratitude to all contributors from OpenAI for their technical efforts on the DALL-E 3 project. Our sincere appreciation goes to Aditya Ramesh, Li Jing, Tim Brooks, and James Betker at OpenAI, who have provided thoughtful feedback on this work. We are profoundly thankful to Misha Bilenko for his invaluable guidance and support. We also extend heartfelt thanks to our Microsoft colleagues for their insights, with special acknowledgment to Jamie Huynh, Nguyen Bach, Ehsan Azarnasab, Faisal Ahmed, Lin Liang, Chung-Ching Lin, Ce Liu, and Zicheng Liu.

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